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Going to a barber as a youngster should be an exciting and fun experience! That’s why we love nothing more than seeing a dad or parent create a family tradition of going to the barber with their tribe.

We also understand some younger kids may find getting a haircut daunting. That’s why at Sharp Cuts for Men we try to make it as enjoyable as possible – for both kids and parents. Think fun banter, friendly barbers and lots of colourful things to look at.

Our team of barbers can create any type of boys’ haircut, from neat and tidy to the latest trends.

We also cater to the littlest clients having their very first haircuts, primary-school aged student haircuts, through to high school students. Plus, we’re familiar with local private school guidelines.

Bring your boy down to Sharp Cuts for Men and see them transformed into a well-groomed, sharp young lad.



No appointment necessary, walk-ins only.


We’ve taken proactive steps to provide the highest health and safety measures within our three barber shops.

You’ll find:

  • Hand sanitiser available.

  • Stringent, regular disinfection measures – including sanitising chairs and equipment between each customer.

  • Limitations on the number of people within each store.

We kindly ask that you wait outside until we can seat you in the barber’s chair. Your cooperation is appreciated!



What age do you cater to?

We provide boys haircuts for all ages. From first haircuts, to pre-school and primary school through to trendy styles for high school students, and private school appropriate hairstyles.

When should a boy get his first haircut?

Boys as young as 2 months old come in for their first haircut, while others don’t visit until they are two years old. Keep in mind every child is different and there is no certain age at which they need that first haircut.

How often should a toddler boy get a haircut?

We recommend getting a haircut at least every 6-8 weeks even to just take of 1-2 inches by cutting off the dead ends, this will encourage growth.

How do you get my child to sit still for a haircut?

  1. Play Haircut at home
  2. Offer to Sit in the chair with them
  3. Give them a toy or treat
  4. Lift screen-time rules

After a few visits were sure your little lad will look forward to his haircut experience.

Do I need an appointment?

No! We are a walk-in only barber shop and don’t take appointments. We have multiple chairs in each of our Barber shops.

What qualification do your Barbers have?

Every Sharp Cuts Barber has a Certificate III in Barbering or is currently completing their formal apprenticeship and qualifications, so you can be confident you’re in good hands!

Boys Haircuts Brisbane Southside

At Sharp Cuts for Men we specialise in boys’ haircuts – from first haircuts through to high school appropriate student styles.

And while our skilled barbers can create any look desired, we always strive to make it a fun experience for the young lads in your family.


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